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Excess Proceeds

Giving Hope When Everything is Lost


   We are here to help when life gets on the way and a series of unfortunate events happen.

We understand that everyone may go through difficult times and when real property is foreclosed due to delinquent taxes, we are there to help you regain the excess proceeds that you may be entitled to. 

   Estamos aquí para ayudar, cuando la vida se pone en marcha y suceden una serie de eventos desafortunados. Entendemos que todo el mundo puede pasar por momentos difíciles y que los bienes inmuebles están embargados debido a impuestos atrasados.


  When a property is foreclosed due to non-payment of property taxes, the County is only allowed to take the amount from the sale of the property to pay the taxes.  Many times, the sale of the property is for more than what the landowner owes in property taxes.  In that case, the sale results in "excess proceeds" which belong to the property owner.

  The excess proceeds are deposited into the "registry" of the court and are kept there until the landowner properly petitions the court to release those funds from the court's registry.  If the landowner does not petition the court and two years pass from the date the sale took place, the landowner may lose his/her claim to those funds forever. 

  We are here to help our clients maneuver through the legal process that is required in order to withdraw every single dollar that our clients are entitled to from the court. 



"I hired Mr. Castaneda to get my money that the county kept from the sale of my property.  I was so close to losing the remaining cash because we were up against the time limits.  I was already sad that I had lost my property and now I was in jeopardy of losing the excess proceeds.  Mr. Castaneda fought hard and in the end, he got the County to pay me everything they owed me. "

-Jonathan  (Harris County

"I couldn't believe that I had never heard about excess proceeds!  I had money sitting in the registry of the court for almost a year and a half!  All that money was from the sale of my property and it belonged to me!  I hired Jason and he quickly went to work to get it out.  I was amazed at how fast he did his job.  Within several weeks I had my money.  I was so happy that I at least got that. Thanks, Jason!" 

-Adriana (Hidalgo County

"Con la ayuda del abogado Jason Castaneda me di cuenta que en realidad habia dinero en la corte del cual yo nunca habia pensado.  Le di la oportunidad al abogado y fue muy eficiente al ayudarme, dandome un cheque en mis manos un poco despues del dia de gracias como el habia dicho.  Me alegro de haberle dado la oportunidad al abogado y recibir dinero que no tenia ni idea que me pertenecia, como resultado de la venta de mi propiedad."

-Luis (Harris County

"I just want to say that Jason did an amazing job.  He took care of everything from beginning to end.  He kept me updated constantly with the status of the case and then told me "the county issued your check!"   I definitely would recommend him."

-Dave (Cameron County



   With over 15 years in practice, I can assist you to recover an unexpected compensation that you are entitled to receive for your lost property.  I will help you navigate through the legal system during this difficult time. 

   Con más eda de 15 años en la práctica, puedo ayudarlo a recuperar una compensación inesperada que tiene derecho a recibir por su propiedad perdida. Lo ayudaré a navegar a través del sistema legal durante este momento difícil.

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